Project Next Job

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Welcome to Project Next Job. We are happy you decided to join us. Now I will guide you step by step through the process. Your main tasks are:

  1. To read the questions.
  2. Think about them for a while.
  3. And then enter your answers in the fields given.

Simple - right?
But is it easy?

People usually don't give a lot of thought to the types of questions we are going to ask you during the course of this project. It’s probable that you too have ready-made answers to most of them. If this is the case, slow down, try to reconsider them.

Allow yourself to either verify your previous assumptions or find answers that previously you hadn't thought of. Believe that these answers are inside you and waiting to be discovered. You will be asked specific questions to help you find them and initiate the positive changes you are looking for.  

Be relaxed before you decide to go through the process because it will require your energy. Reserve an hour of your time. Pick the right place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the TV set, mute your phone. Don't rush, take your time to get the most out of this project. Trust us and treat every question seriously - quite simply, because it works!

This process will be divided into a series of actions. The goal of the first Action is to create a rounded image of yourself. Being aware of your potential and of what gives you satisfaction is the foundation that will help you to decide on the job you want to target.

During the whole process we will ask you to assess the progress you are making. The same survey will be repeated a few times giving you the opportunity to monitor how you are doing. So don't worry if you see the repetition of a set of questions - please just answer them.

At the end of the program you will get a report of how some of your key answers have changed during the program and how we interpret these changes.   
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